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Black Mirror Season 3 Hailed as Light Relief the Nation Needed


The Crackerjack of 21st Century

Charlie Brooker’s anthology series of technological dystopias has been welcomed as a perfect slice of light entertainment to relieve the unremitting grimness of 21st Century life.

Jilly Doyle, a Graphic Designer in the Wirral, said “What with the never ending parade of inspirational celebrities dying, the economic uncertainty and rise for far right politics brought on by Brexit, people in the United States of America considering electing a sentient infected bladder and the unsettling ramifications of Vladamir Putin’s rule of Russia, watching soldiers protecting frightened villagers from an infestation of vicious feral mutants or people trapped in virtual reality nightmares gives me a much needed chuckle.”

Showbiz writer Medcalf Van Cleef enthused “With this series of tech based terrors Charlie Brooker has given us the feel-good comedy of the year. This series is destined to be remembered alongside other comedy classics such as Hancock’s Half Hour, Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em or Only Fools and Horses. Brooker is writing with the same sparkle as Eddie Brayban when he was doing his best stuff for Morecambe and Wise.”

“In a real world where tabloids are calling for the head of TV personalities and sports heroes for suggesting it might be good to be nice to people for a change, coming home, putting your feet up and watching Kelly Macdonald solve grisly murders that are linked to social media give you that warm feeling of nostalgia for a simpler time when this was the worst that we could imagine happening.”

There are already unconfirmed reports that Black Mirror has been shortlisted for next year’s British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Entertainment Programme and Charlie Brooker will be awarded an OBE. The special fate reserved for those people determined to be a national treasure.